In Ervin Lazlo’s Self Actualising Cosmos the A dimension is described as that which underlies all things which are manifest in the M dimensions. And he says all things are recorded (somehow) in the Akasha (A dimension). The A dimension being outside space and time yet from which such things as space and time are formed.

It occurs to me that perhaps then this record of all things that have happened and that have existed (that are recorded/stored) might well be what is currently called dark energy (what’s happened) and dark matter (what’s existed)?

Just a notion suddenly occurring to me



As I was riding my bike home I was thinking about what words I’d like on my gravestone.

I figured something like my name followed by the inscription “no one wanted his love”.

When I got home there was a discussion going on regarding a newly hatched plan for a gravestone for someone who died last year. A bit of a surprise and a coincidence maybe or perhaps a bit of psychic activity?


In classical Indian philosophy there is a way of describing people, actions and so forth that is revealing and interesting (albeit as with all such classifications rather generalising). But it’s useful.

So there’s Tamas, Rajas and Sattva. And to look at it through play.

Tamas = mucking around, and even destructive, bullying sort of play.

Rajas = competitive, playing with the objective to win, the incentive to play is to succeed and win.

Sattvas = play for the joy of playing. Simply and lightly playing.

Being physically different. After all I was born this way. Maybe this is why I see these things this way. Or maybe they’re this way anyway.


I was chatting with my friend about old legend and myth – such as Tristan and Isolde and the Arthurian cycles. Wondering of their origins and locations. 

Suddenly it occurred to me how significant the isles of Orkney are in the Arthurian tales. King Lot of Orkney and his sons, Gawain and Gareth and so on. 

Why Orkney. So far north and not considered nowadays or even in medieval times as significant or important. But recent discoveries about the Ness of Brodgar ( http://www.orkneyjar.com/archaeology/nessofbrodgar/), dubbed by some as Britains first capital, suggest there was a time when Orkney was important. Could this be why Lot’s kingdom was Orkney? A remnant a memory of when Orkney was a major force or element of Britain? 

Maybe an ancient time remembered in the oral tradition and incorporated into later tales and legend. 

Of course it would be difficult to prove that the whole Arthurian cycle dates from such ancient times. But all the same hard to prove it (or parts of it) did not?

Butterfly cntd

Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, Psyche and Eros are married (become one). 

Don Miguel Ruiz in the Toltec books talks often how our lives are a dream, because who we think we are is not real but based on lies. Not intentional lies but those labels and (self) descriptions which remove us from our actual being. The psyche and person living as separate beings. 

But after asking the question “am I a butterfly dreaming I’m Chuang Tzu, or Chuang Tzu dreaming I’m a butterfly “.

Is there realisation? After doubt? About who you actually are. 

It’s all beyond me. But it’s interesting. 


Chuang Tzu mentioned how asleep he dreamt he was a butterfly and when he awoke he wondered if he was Chuang Tzu dreaming he was a butterfly. Or was he a butterfly dreaming he was Chuang Tzu. 

In Ancient Greece “Psyche” (soul) is depicted as a person with butterfly wings. The word psyche even being used for butterfly.*

Of course it’s not generally thought that there was knowledge of Greek culture in China in such ancient times. But on the other hand – well if Chuang Tzu was talking of butterfly as psyche? Then it does add interesting dimensions. . . .

* Psyche as partner of Eros was allowed only to visit him in the dark, at night. The time where dreams also come. 


Used to think I had some insight 

But it turned out that wasn’t right 

Used to be I felt delight and seemed to live with light 

But realising my body is regarded as not right 

As it was when I began life 

Despite the well intended efforts to make it right 

This body regarded as the wrong stuff 

(So however much I try, it’ll never be enough)

Sadly failing now to encourage others 

This, for this, 

Ohhh I am sorry 

But it’s hard to project the positive* 

When being regarded in the negative 

*(Don’t – or at least try not to – let the b_st_rds grind you down, like I have been)

This piece might be regarded as a “gateless gate”

dare to be wrong

Something I should have said to a friend

“Dare to be wrong”

To invent,to discover, to create

Be prepared to risk a mistake

Needing to be right,

Fearing to be wrong

Is to live beneath that mocking tone.

Maybe it’s safe, to obey that voice in your head

That “teaching” voice that derides any mistake

But to learn, to grow

Well it’s play

And there in that beloved state

Being wrong is also part of the fun

It does no harm and indeed you learn

After all in true play there is no one who wins (who proves another wrong)

(Or words to that effect)

All is one and one is All

Note to self

Note to self

Remember what happens

You find a woman 
For some unknown reason
She likes you
Hard to believe any woman could 

Then together we sleep 
As euphemism it calls
And she tells me she loves me
And for her I fall

Then things become strange 
Apparently she has never known such pleasure 
But it’s time to part

Sounds daft
But her friends (male or female I couldn’t say)
Tell her
This body of his 
It’s no good 
Too odd for you 
Him you must leave

So away she goes 
Friends words told 
And followed 

So why in this vale of tears 
Should I give a her my love
Bring her pleasure 
To be told – in some proxy manner – that my body makes me unsuitable for her

Rather leave this vale
And give pleasure not 
In this friendless world